Reflective Synthesis

Your final project for LIB 200 will be a 500 word  letter to future students in this class.  Consider the following prompts in your response. Make sure you devote “equal playing time” to the questions and do not repeat the questions in your answer (because you are beyond that, as soon-to-be-graduates!).

First off, what were major skills that the course, assignments, and games demanded? How did this differ from other courses you have taken, if at all?

Give them a sense of what came up in our game and in our reading of Brecht: what were the major arguments that characters or factions posed? What were the major conflicts or tensions between science, humanism, technology, religion, and/or social values that you think came up in this game? What are the “big ideas” a future student will need to grapple with and begin to try and understand?

What is the major advice you would give a student in preparing for a role in a Reacting game? How did YOU, as a student, feel about the character: what did you agree/disagree with? 


An A or B Letter….answers these questions in full, is a thoughtful analysis of the major tensions and connections within the game, and has no or few grammar/mechanical/spelling errors.

A C Letter….answers the questions, gives a summary or recap of the game without making any connections or analysis, and has some grammar/mechanical/spelling errors.

Any Letter scoring below a C does the following…does not address the questions at hand, makes no insightful analysis of the tensions or conflicts in the game, and/or has grammar/mechanical/spelling errors that detract from the ability to read for understanding.