Position Papers/speeches

Your papers, in most cases, are essentially your speech in written form. Your paper is due the same day you deliver your speech in class, by midnight. Some of you have alternate writing assignments – letters, demonstrations, scripts, etc. – and will need to consult me for the due date of each. You will lose a letter grade for each day a piece of writing is late. Papers should be in Times New Roman or some other kind of reasonable font (no comic sans. ever.), 11-12 point, and double-spaced. Margins should be an inch on all sides. Your total page number – with all speeches – this semester will be 10 pages. How you split up those pages in your game papers is entirely up to you, but you should keep the final page count in mind.

I would suggest that you aim to have each paper – assuming you do about 3 papers during the course of the game – be 2-3 pages. One paper might be more, one less, but somehow you have to meet the mark of doing 9-10 pages. Remember that letters and write-ups of informal speeches after the fact can count as well. Most of you will do 2 papers in Phase One and 1 in Phase 2 – this means the bulk of your writing will happen during Phase One of the game.

It is very important that you tailor your argument to your character’s victory objectives, and use the appropriate supporting materials to create your arguments. I have started a long list of possible resources, but your role sheet might point out other theories, authors, or sources to consider. I suggest that you coordinate with your faction and with me on how to tailor an argument that will get you a game-winning bonus.

Important reminder: do not time travel! If a work was published AFTER game play, the odds are that you can’t include it. Ask me if you have any doubts about this, because we might find that there were earlier publications, letters, or other discussions already in the air for particular theories or bits of evidence.

We will be recording one of your speeches to fulfill your Oral Competency requirement.

Steps for first drafts:

  1. The most important thing for this paper is to know your objectives and your audience. Who is your character? What does your character want? Are there any other characters that you might need to support or attack in your arguments? Remember that you can reference things that happen or are said during the course of the game, and that you are writing in your character’s voice for both of these papers.
  2. This still a college essay, but it has a different function now that you are writing it for game play. You still need to conform to academic expectations (title, thesis, evidence to support your thesis, etc.). Please review the RUBRIC.
  3. Prepare an outline, using textual evidence from the plays and the supporting materials to support your thesis.
  4. Begin to flesh out the outline via drafting, where you unpack and expand on the quotes to support your point.
  5. Prepare a title for your paper. Try to create a two-part title, which is a common academic style. Usually you present key words from the question or problem to the left of the colon, and key words from the thesis to the right.
  6. You dread citations, I know. Review this format guide for hints (and some general notes on how to structure papers) (FormatGuide ) and the MLA citation guide: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/.