Because this is a capstone class, it is designed for you to reflect upon and use the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired as a student thus far at LaGuardia. While the games I have chosen for us to play reflect the themes of the course, they will also ask that you draw upon your ability to research, pose questions, make arguments, present ideas effectively in writing and in speech, and generally deploy critical thinking skills to win your character objectives.

LIB 200 is a writing intensive class. This means you will be writing every class completing both formal and informal assignments, and that you will generate 8-10 pages of research-based writing. The two position papers you write during game play and the reflective synthesis are all research-based, and thus will help you fulfill the 8-10 page requirement.

Additionally, students taking LIB 200 must deposit assignments that align with LaGuardia’s core competencies. Here are the competencies for LIB 200:

  • Critical Literacy: the ability to read, write, and think about texts in a reflective manner. Developing critical literacy skills allows students to understand and think about the world around them and encourages them to investigate and interrogate societal institutions and issues.
  • Research and Information Literacy: the ability to recognize when information is needed and to locate, evaluate, and use it effectively. Developing research and information literacy skills allows students to understand how to get information and how to use the information they find in responsible and effective ways.
  • Oral Communication: the effective interpretation, composition, and presentation of information, ideas, and values verbally. Developing oral communications skills allows students to become effective communicators on-campus, in the work place and in their communities.

You will be asked to deposit assignments that reflect these competencies into your E-Portfolio as we wrap up the semester.

For more on each assignment, visit the tabs under this section.